R R One

Release Date:

Apr . 22 . 2016

Lucky Sonne’s sophomre album is a dense, dark shape-shifter of a record, with elements of psychedelia and garage rock marauding through its folk-roots sensibilities.  Musical contributions from various local A-Listers add heady new colours and textures to the Lucky Sonne palette. 2008

  1. I Ain't Afraid a Ya
  2. Jeannie (Love is Not a Business)
  3. Isn't It Pretty to Think So
  4. The Last Straw
  5. A Gunfighter's Lament
  6. Load Up On Love
  7. Ten Tonne Truck Pt. 2
  8. The Change

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Sep 08 2017
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Sep 03 2017
Aug 17 2017
Trash, Twang and Thunder presents: Lucky Sonne live @ The Oak Tree Tavern

Lucky Sonne in Kensington  The best in the west and to hell with the rest.…

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