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Mar . 10 . 2016

Captured on tape in the ides of February at a small bunkhouse in the Priddis Valley, the “feel” tracks represent a manic band on a mission to make a beautiful mess of a record- raw, real, rambunctious, ramshackle. is unmistakably a Lucky Sonne record: rocky, rootsy, twangy, trippy and at times heart-breakingly beautiful. But where previous albums tended toward blacker themes of loneliness, desperation and depravity, a new-found sense of peace, and even swagger, distinguishes this superb batch of new songs. Marrying Gram Parsons cool with Crazy Horse abandon, is a killer little record from one of Calgary’s most enduring independent bands.  2015

  1. corpus christie
  2. make a mark
  3. swing lo
  4. shy ann
  5. empire builder
  6. comet to come
  7. self made man
  8. slow learn
  9. nice in my heart
  10. paulein
  11. pretty byrd dog

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Aug 17 2017
Trash, Twang and Thunder presents: Lucky Sonne live @ The Oak Tree Tavern

Lucky Sonne in Kensington  The best in the west and to hell with the rest.…

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