I am a starving artist on the “three square” program

Mar . 16 . 2016

I’m a dad and a hubby. I’m slightly mentally ill (but then, aren’t we all?), and I have a mild addiction to alcohol, but it’s really just self medication, thirst cessation. I am a keeper of gates, bees, the faith, the peace, hallowed grounds on sacred acres. I am a starving artist on the “three square” program, just like in prison. Four albums, hundreds of shows, many a late night struggling to make melodies make sense thinking maybe it’ll make this madman famous on the stages he graces. My head feels like it will explode at any moment on any given day. My life is full - I am busy beyond belief, at once cocksure and shit-scared, well advised, ill prepared. Read, React, Attack…

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Sep 14 2018
Inglewood Night Market

Lucry Sonne hits the main stage at 8:30...…

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Sep 08 2018
Old MacDonald's Farm Festival

Lucky Sonne takes on the Old Mac Beer Garden, Saturday at 10:30…

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Sep 01 2018
BBQ on the Bow

 Lucky Sonne brings the boogie to the BBQ, 5:00pm…

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Lucky Sonne LIVE @ Mikey's Juke Joint- THE MICS ARE BLEEDING


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Heralding the reluctant genius of local alt country act Lucky Sonne

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